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Week #3 – Some music I like to listen while writing letters (part one)

Hello there !

I don’t know about you, but for me it is almost impossible not to have some music in my ears when I’m writing letters. So this will be the theme of my third blog post: a small glimpse of what my “writing playlist” contains.

This one is among my all time favorite songs. The first Nightwish song I listened, and the song that made me want to listen more songs by this band, which now is one of my top 5 favorites.

Another one by Nightwish. This is a very long song (13 min) and I just love the atmosphere ofย  this song, the way it makes me feel… it’s hard to explain, but I always totally get into the song, like I would get into a story. I’m not sure if that makes sense at all? Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs too.

A classical piece everyone knows, I guess, since it has been used in countless movies and commercials. I really like the way the music grows louder and louder throughout the piece. I have also learned to play it on the piano and that’s one of my fave pieces to play.

This one I doubt you know because it’s not exactly mainstream, unless you’re from Norway maybe. It’s my favorite song from the Norwegian band (former band actually, because they split up quite recently) Kaizers Orchestra, which had been recommended to me by a Norwegian girl I used to chat with on Interpals. I used to teach myself Norwegian (had to stop unfortunately because of lack of time) and I was looking for songs in this language to listen to to get used to the sound of it, but I really didn’t expect to find a new favorite band then! Oh and I also love the music video of this one. Of course I don’t watch it while writing letters, but I’ve watched it so many times that I know it by heart and have the images it in my head when listening to the song

And this one is the latest addition to my writing playlist. I discovered this Swiss band quite recently and I’m currently listening through their whole discography because I really like their music! I especially like that some of their songs are sung in a Swiss dialect, I don’t understand a single word of it but I like the sound. Also most of the songs I listen to are in English, so a bit of change never hurts ๐Ÿ˜‰

This will be all for this time. There are many more songs in my writing playlist but I’ll introduce them to you in another blogpost, later.

Do you listen to music while writing? Which songs are in your writing playlist?



Hello there!

You may already know me, if you were a follower of my previous blog “Me, my mail and I”. Indeed, I’m not new to the blogging world, I was previously running a mail related blog, but since I’m waaay less active in snail mail now due to too much work and a sudden envy of dedicating a significant part of my free time to other hobbies (letter writing used to be my main hobby in the past, now it isn’t anymore), this blog was kind of… dead. So, here’s the new one.

What will I talk about in “Enjoy the Silence”? ย I’ll write one post per week (every Friday) about… well, a lot about letter writing, my penpals etc., so if the joys of old fashioned correspondence doesn’t move you a bit, you’d better leave this blog now ๐Ÿ˜€ BUT! It won’t be my only subject of conversation. I’ll simply talk about my daily life, little joys, things I enjoy. And about books, of course.

A brief introduction of myself, for those who don’t know me yet. My name’s Maude, or Tari as this is the name I use everywhere on the Internet. I’m a girl in her twenties, university student, living in Lyon, France. A day-dreamer, much introverted, rather ochlophobic girl who enjoys nothing more than spending time in her little world, which is filled with letters, books, music, and dreams of all sorts.

Btw, in case you were wondering, yes, I did name my blog “Enjoy the silence” because of this song. It’s one of my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy your visit on my blog!

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