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Hello there!

You may already know me, if you were a follower of my previous blog “Me, my mail and I”. Indeed, I’m not new to the blogging world, I was previously running a mail related blog, but since I’m waaay less active in snail mail now due to too much work and a sudden envy of dedicating a significant part of my free time to other hobbies (letter writing used to be my main hobby in the past, now it isn’t anymore), this blog was kind of… dead. So, here’s the new one.

What will I talk about in “Enjoy the Silence”?  I’ll write one post per week (every Friday) about… well, a lot about letter writing, my penpals etc., so if the joys of old fashioned correspondence doesn’t move you a bit, you’d better leave this blog now 😀 BUT! It won’t be my only subject of conversation. I’ll simply talk about my daily life, little joys, things I enjoy. And about books, of course.

A brief introduction of myself, for those who don’t know me yet. My name’s Maude, or Tari as this is the name I use everywhere on the Internet. I’m a girl in her twenties, university student, living in Lyon, France. A day-dreamer, much introverted, rather ochlophobic girl who enjoys nothing more than spending time in her little world, which is filled with letters, books, music, and dreams of all sorts.

Btw, in case you were wondering, yes, I did name my blog “Enjoy the silence” because of this song. It’s one of my favorites 🙂

Enjoy your visit on my blog!

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